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Are you a contractor that wants to do business in Virginia? Then we're the registered agent for you. No one understands and can help you with the contractor licensing process better than us. We have helped more people then we can count with the process of obtaining a contractor license in Virginia as quickly and with the least headaches as possible.

Before you can provide contracting services in Virginia you must first obtain a contractor license. And before you can obtain a contractor license you must register your out of state business or form a new entity in Virginia. We can help you with both steps.

When you sign up for registered agent service with us you will have access to our expert advice and assistance. We provide our contractor clients with a dedicated section of our site that has videos and other content about the Virginia contractor license process. We provide you with a detailed guide on the contractor license process, the forms you need to register, and a huge library of frequently asked questions and answers to help you navigate the process easily. You may also call or email us with your specific questions and we'll be sure to get you the answers you need.

Learn how to speed up the application process, how to decide the correct class and classification for your application, the correct order of applications, and other useful information to make the Virginia licensing process quick and painless.

So sign up with us now for registered agent service so we can begin helping you with your contractor license.

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