What classifications or specialties does Virginia have for contractor licenses?

Once you have determined your Class of license that you'll be applying for with the Board for Contractors, the second step is to determine what classification or specialty your work will cover.  You need to know this so you can get the correct classification on your contractors license.  The following is a list of the specialty classifications in Virginia:

Yo can review the exact definition of each of these specialties in the Virginia Regulations starting on page 5. 

Once you have decided which specialties you'll need for your business you'll need to identify one "qualified individual" for each specialty.  What is a "qualified individual" for purposes of your Virginia contractors license?  It's someone who works fulltime for your company (at least 30 hours per week) and that 1) holds a valid individual license or certification issued by the Board for Contractors, or 2) holds a certificate from an accepted third party organization, or 3) successfully completes the applicable technical examination for the specialty.  They must also have the minimum number of years of relevant experience that is required by the Class license you're seeking (2 years for a Class C License, 3 years for a Class B License, and 5 years for a Class A License.)

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